Lenten Day of Renewal

Lenten Day of Renewal

March 24, 2018

Christ the King Church

FAUSTINUM - Divine Mercy Apostolate

617 N. Arden Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004

Divine Mercy - Our Only Refuge.

In Anticipation of the Divine Mercy Sunday

“Say, My daughter, that the Feast of My Mercy has issued forth from

 My very depths for the consolation of the whole world.” (Diary 1517)


8:00 AM -         Registration and morning coffee
8:45 AM -          Gathering Song – Come Holy Spirit
                          Chaplet of the Divine Mercy.
9:15 AM -          CONFERENCE: Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life

“Divine mercy is not cheap, sentimental or easy. Neither is divine mercy limited, exhausted or made exclusive…Mercy is the externally visible and effectively active aspect of the essence of God, which graciously attends to and devotes itself to the world and to humanity in ever new ways in history. In short, mercy expresses God's own goodness and love.”  Cardinal Walter Kasper

10:15 AM -           Mercy in Deeds and Free Will Offering              
                                 “I demand from you deeds of mercy which are to arise out of love for me. You are to show mercy to   your                                    neighbors always and   everywhere. You must not shrink from this or try to excuse yourself from it “. (Diary,742).

10:30 AM -        Break Time

11:00 AM -        Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Meditation  Holy Rosary

11:30 AM -        CONFERENCE: Divine Floodgates are wide-open on Divine Mercy Sunday. 
                         The “Extraordinary   Graces of divine Mercy Sunday”

On one occasion, I heard these words: My daughter, tell the whole world about My Inconceivable mercy. I desire that the Feast of Mercy be a refuge and shelter for all souls, and especially for poor sinners. On that day the very depths of My tender mercy are open. I pour out a whole ocean of graces upon those souls who approach the fount of My mercy. The soul that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment. On that day all the divine floodgates through which grace flow are opened. (Diary 699)

 12:30 PM -        Lunch Time.

    1:30 PM -         CONFERENCE: “My daughter, help me save Sinners” (Diary 1645).
                          Helping Jesus  to  save  Soul
Spread the divine Mercy devotion.

 “All at once I saw a large book which stands before the throne [of God], and it was given to me to read. The book was written in blood. Still, I could not read anything but the name, Jesus. Then I heard a voice, which said to me, Your hour has not yet come. Then the book was taken away from me, and I heard these words: You will bear witness to My infinite mercy. In this book are written the names of the souls that have glorified My mercy. I was overwhelmed with joy at the sight of such great goodness of God.” (Diary 689)

2:45 PM            Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
3:00 PM -          Holy Hour of Mercy
3:30 PM -         The Sacrament of Reconciliation: Celebrating God’s Forgiveness and  Mercy                      Individual  Confessions

In the sacrament of reconciliation, Jesus invites us penitents, like he did Lazarus, to come out of the place of darkness and decay.  And He says to his priestly confessors the same thing he said to the people standing around Lazarus’s tomb: “unbind him, and let him go free!” Jesus promised "I want to grant a complete pardon to the souls that will go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on the Feast of My Mercy." (Diary 1109)

5:30 PM -          Holy Mass. Benediction and Dismissal

Celebration of the 160th Anniversary of the Apparitions in Lourdes this Month

Celebration of the 160th Anniversary of the Apparitions in Lourdes this Month

From February 9 to 12, 2018, the sanctuary of Lourdes is celebrating the 160th anniversary of the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin to Bernadette Soubirous on February 11, 1858, announced a statement from the Sanctuary.

20,000 pilgrims and about 500 priests are expected during these four days of celebration. Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary of the Bishops’ Synod, will participate.

On Sunday, February 11, an international Mass will be celebrated at the St. Pius X basilica. In the afternoon, Bishop Nicola Brouwet, bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes, will preside at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. In the evening, the Fideles et Amati choir from Rome will present an oratorio entitled “Aquero,” based on the spiritual journey of St. Bernadette.

The apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to Bernadette Soubirous took place from February 11 to July 16, 1858 (feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel), at the grotto of Massabielle. There were 18 apparitions, and the one on March 25, 1858, revealed that the name of the beautiful Lady visiting St. Bernadette was the Immaculate Conception. The Church celebrates the Immaculate Virgin on December 8.

St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe: On the Apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
at Lourdes

Ever since Original Sin was committed, human intelligence has remained darkened so that it cannot rise to the knowledge of causes of everything. Our first parents in Eden understood everything very well; their intelligence was clear and lively; but after they sinned, all that was changed. For this reason, when God wishes to make himself known to men he gives them signs and works miracles. We find many miracles in the Old Testament, and even more in the New. When Jesus was in the world he said: “Even if you do not believe in me, believe in my works.” (Jn. 10, 38)

            The miracle of the Resurrection is the foundation of our faith. The disciples of Jesus were weak; even though they had seen many miracles, at the time of his arrest they all abandoned him. Only when Jesus had risen was their faith confirmed, and were they given the courage to endure suffering and persecution.

            Since Christ’s resurrection, from time to time miracles happen, to reinforce our faith; such were the apparations at Lourdes… There the Immaculata chose a weak instrument to manifest her power. There were many objections; people said, “It isn’t true.” But all the while the miraculous fountain was flowing,  and many miracles and conversion took place. What did the the Most Blessed Virgin then do, after establishing her credibility by the miracles? In public before the whole crowd of people she said who she was, confirming the dogma of the Immaculate Conception which had been defined in 1854. She said of herself, “I am the Immaculate Conception.” If she is indeed the Immaculate Conception, then everything which serves as a foundation for this truth is also true. Hence the apparitions at Lourdes are a confirmation of the entire Catholic faith. This is why these apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin at Lourdes are so important.”

St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe,  Feb. 11, 1938 (Conference)

Pope Proclaims February 23 Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace

Pope Proclaims February 23 Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace

Pope Francis on February 4, 2018, announced a special Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace to be held February 23, 2018. The Holy Father’s announcement came after the Angelus, prayed in St. Peter’s Square with a crowd estimated at 20,000.

In the face of the tragic protraction of situations of conflict in different parts of the world, I invite all the faithful to a special Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace next February 23, Friday of the First Week of Lent. We will offer it in particular for the populations of the Democratic Republic of Congo and of South Sudan. As on other similar occasions, I also invite non-Catholic and non-Christian brothers and sisters to associate themselves to this initiative in the way they consider most opportune, but all together.

Our heavenly Father always listens to His children who cry to Him in sorrow and anguish, who “heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3). I make a heartfelt appeal so that we also listen to this cry and, each one of us in his/her own conscience before God, ask ourselves: “What can I do for peace?” We certainly can pray, but not only: each one can say concretely “no” to violence in as much as it depends on him or her. Because the victories obtained with violence are false victories while working for peace does everyone good!


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